Decorative Gravel in Columbia, TN

With more than 20 unique types of decorative gravel and landscaping stones in Columbia, Franklin, Nashville, Maury County, or Mt Pleasant, TN, Beasley’s Yard is here to help you complete your landscape aesthetic. We understand your need to find the right decorative gravel, which is why we go out of our way to stock an extensive variety.

  • 2″ Tennessee river rock
  • Large and small red rock
  • Slate chips
  • Pea gravel
  • Autumn sunsets
  • Black granite
  • Tulsa rainbow
  • Colorado sunrise
  • Pensacola white
  • Large and small river slicks

These decorative gravel and stone products can be used for everything from brightening your landscape to complementing your hardscape. And, to ensure you have access to the perfect type of stone for the job, we’re pleased to stock several versatile options, including:

  • Autumn Sunset: Smooth and serene, river rock is a classic favorite for landscapers. It lends itself to numerous different landscape projects, including gardens and walking paths.
  • Pea gravel: Versatile and affordable, pea gravel is optimal for fill projects. It can also be used to create permeable foundations for larger landscaping projects.
  • Black granite: Crushed black granite offers bold appeal for a variety of landscaping projects. It can be used to offset hardscaping and other fill, or on its own to exemplify foliage.

To learn more about the many decorative and limestone gravel products and mulch we carry, please contact us today by calling 931-486-2575. We’re happy to consult with you about anything you might be looking for, and we can make recommendations based on your unique project.


* These are natural materials so coloring and size may vary.